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Adding Exercise to Your Daily Activities

Happy retired senior lady with walking disability enjoying a day in the park going for a walk with a wheel chair or walker

While exercise is important for everyone at every age – later in life, it may be difficult to recreate the long-distance jogging or weightlifting abilities from yesteryear. That is no excuse, however, to give up on exercise.

As with many things, workouts come in all shapes and sizes. Some are meant to test your limits, while others are a fun-filled way to break a sweat. You can easily add one of these exercises to your daily routine to achieve better health.

Using fitness center equipment
Cardio machines and weightlifting equipment may be your first choice when it comes to getting back into shape. Showing up is one thing, however knowing what you want to do when you arrive is another. If you show up without a plan, you could spend most of your time wandering around debating your options and you might end up leaving without accomplishing much. Have a chat with a personal trainer, an athletic friend, or do some online research on fitness center equipment before you visit.

Swimming and water aerobics
The swimming pool is often considered a place for recreation rather than working out, but being submerged in water provides a beneficial workout. Water aerobics classes are two great ways get a low impact water workout. Your therapist, due to the buoyant support muscles receive in the water, may recommend simple water aerobic exercises.

Getting your feet moving is important and can be quite enjoyable with dancing. Taking a dancing or Zumba class is a great way to get started, so grab a partner and get active!

Scheduled walking
Going for a walk can be quite relaxing and it’s one of the most underrated workouts. Schedule a time everyday to take a walk and add duration each time to create a consistent muscle strengthening activity.

Choosing a workout you enjoy will be key to your success. If you have certain medical conditions, we advise speaking with your doctor before you start a new exercise routine.

For more great workout options to add to your routine, visit https://go4life.nia.nih.gov/exercises.

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